This project is part of Zeeuws Museum x Das Leben am Haverkamp. This site specific exhibition is on show until 5 May 2019 in Zeeuws Museum.

In the early summer of 2017, the Zeeuws Museum, as instructed by Das Leben am Haverkamp, invites 40 visitors to give a description of 40 randomly selected objects of the museum’s collection out of storage. Objects in the storage rooms are anonymous, without judgment, without a story. It is that anonymity that appeals to the imagination. The subjective descriptions of regional costume, jewellery and household goods induced them to develop a new collec­tion without ever having seen the objects described.

With this method and Das Leben am Haverkamp aims to create a bridge between past and future, between knowing and fantasizing, between the image of the self and that of the other.

Download English and Dutch transcriptions here.